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Delicious healthy meals balanced to get the most out of your vegetarian diet. From breakfast to dinner, all day, every day.

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How does Vegly work?

Nutritionally balanced

Use our weekly meal plans as they are or customise them to suit your needs

Grocery list

Easily create your grocery list to use where and when you need

Easy cooking

You are all set now. Cook healthy yet tasty vegetarian food you'll love

Why should I use Vegly?

Having a vegetarian diet can be difficult. So we make it easy...and delicious

Stop thinking what to eat

Each Vegly plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the entire week.

Follow a balanced diet

Carefully balanced to make sure you get the right nutrition.

Automatic grocery lists

No more paper lists or missing ingredients. Vegly creates your grocery list for you.

Reduce food waste

Our plans are specifically designed to minimise food waste even for singles, so you can save money with less waste.

Tasty meals, even if you are busy

All our recipes come with a step by step method so they are quick and easy to cook.

Cooking just got personal

Customise your meal plan to suit you, and keep track of what you eat as you go.

Discover this week's plan

Each week our team creates balanced and healthy plans with delicious recipes.

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