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Delicious healthy meals balanced to get the most out of your vegetarian diet. From breakfast to dinner, all day, every day.

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How does Vegly work?

Nutritionally balanced

Every Monday we publish your fully balanced meal plan for the week.

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Easily create your grocery list to use where and when you need.

Easy cooking

You are all set now. Cook healthy yet tasty vegetarian food you'll love.

Why should I use Vegly?

Having a vegetarian diet can be difficult. So we make it easy...and delicious.

  • Stop thinking what to eat

    Each Vegly plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the entire week.

  • Follow a balanced diet

    Carefully balanced to make sure you get the right nutrition.

  • Automatic grocery lists

    No more paper lists or missing ingredients. Vegly creates your grocery list for you.

  • Reduce food waste

    Our plans are specifically designed to minimise food waste even for singles, so you can save money with less waste.

  • Tasty meals, even if you are busy

    All our recipes come with a step by step method so they are quick and easy to cook.

  • Cooking just got fun

    Our special Vegly Karma tracks how well you are progressing with your vegetarian lifestyle. So you know.

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Get 1 plan free forever. No credit card required.

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